Big Data,SqlLite and Richard Hipp. 

With unusual charm he says "Go home, download SQLite from website and rename with your name and sell it, you will have my blessings". 

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Meeting creator of  SQLite ,Richard Hipp was a great experience for me and my fellow students. Considering the fact that Big Data has been a topic of discussion everywhere, the seminar has revoked the concepts of traditional SQL and its applications.One who uses smartphone might not be aware that he is having SQLite in his phone and the contacts,game-data and other data are being maintained as relational database. SQLite is being used by many customers belonging to various sectors ranging from browsers(Firefox) to mobile phones(Android, IOS) , Sir Richard Hipp would say "I don't know how many are using ,as source code for SQLite is in the public domain".

While I posed him a question related to Big Data and Traditional SQL applications, he would clearly say "You might need few peta-bytes of data to see the advantage of Big Data". Regarding his own SQLite ,he would say "At work, co-developers ask me to add 10 more lines of code to have awesome feature,but I say NO,because that drains the battery and takes processing time", he carefully designs the distribution and development.No wonder they say "Small. Fast. Reliable.
Choose any three
" on their website, without many developers working on it(infact only three of them are working on it), they prove to build a great software. 

Bottom Line: "Enthralling lecture that is informative, inspirational and intact" .

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