This is a repost from my old blog which will be discontinued from April 2016.
Stephen Arthur Cook, is a renowned American-Canadian computer scientist and mathematician who has made major contributions to the fields of complexity theory and proof complexity. He has received the prestigious ACM Turing award for his contributions.Any computer science student would admire him for his works and to listen to the presentation on P and NP problems was one of rarest moments.

At presentation

To listen to good music is what P-problem would be and to identify what is good music is NP-problem, and as the very definition implies that solving NP-problems will lead to applications in artificial intelligence and autonomic technology; this was the essence of the presentation delivered deliberately and effectively. Following the presentation, he spent time with the participants and answered to their queries. Basic mathematical induction of solving for one test case and sorting out abstract solution for n inputs is not the actual answer, though there is million dollar reward for one who solves this theorem that P and NP are equal, the challenge still holds and I would realize that no one could ever sort this out and perhaps have to find other ways to develop artificial intelligence and autonomic applications.The presentation was filled with ebullient audience and sir cook elucidated theorem.

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