If you remember the Flappy Bird game which went viral on internet and highly addictive for those who played it. Sadly it was removed from the play store and apple store after it became popular. There has been many apps that tried to copy the same idea but none were very successful. I was also one of those people who felt bad when it was removed. 

Recently, I have updated my nexus 7 (2013) with the newer android version 5.0 named lollipop. I was playing around with my tablet and exploring features, as every version has something fancy when you tap continuously on the version I was wondering what Google has this time. This time it is lollipop themed flappy bird which I call it Flappy Lollipop. Here is how you get to it:

1) Open the settings on your tablet.

2) Tap continuously on the version.

3) You will get this screen:

4) Swipe on the lollipop then you will find the colors change and you will find the game.

Although in many ways putting this forward in my blog doesn't really make sense to me but I am very excited to share this news to the people like me who have missed the flappy bird game. I liked the lollipop version of it. It has same difficulty which makes it weirdly addictive to the people. 

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