Linux terminal is a paradise. Infact, it is a pathway to many abilities some consider it to be unnatural. There are tons of linux terminal add-ons, tools, hacks and flavours that I come across; so I have decided to share them through this post. So, expect this post to be updated over time and please comment if you find any; I would definitely add them to the list and give credit. Also the installation instruction are tested on Ubuntu but the same should be available for other linux distros as well.

1. Cmatrix


Cmatrix creates the matrix style animation in your terminal. Here is the manual for different options associated with the tool.


You install using the package manager using:

sudo apt-get install cmatrix


Just open the terminal and enter:


You should see something like this:

2. Cowsay and fortune


Cowsay along with fortune will bring fortune telling cow to your terminal. This wiki page covers the manual for using cowsay


Both fortune and cowsay can be installed using:

sudo apt-get install fortune cowsay


Here is what cow says:

One more cool demo is you can change the ASCII fugures with the command line options:


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