Unsplash Ubuntu


Why did I make this?

I am a big fan of the serious opensource communities. One such photo sharing portal is unsplash.com. Also, I always wanted to make some cool Ubuntu utility. So one fine day I thought “Okay, why not achieve both”. This project is result of that. This is by no means a complex project(yet).

What does it do?

A simple utility written in python that picks a high resolution random image from unsplash.com and puts it as your wallpaper; updates it every hour with a new wallpaper.

Cool, how can I install?

  1. Clone and download the repository
  2. Install the dependencies:
  3. wget
  4. Tkinter
  5. urllib2
  6. Open terminal and change directory:
  7. cd UnsplashUbuntu
  8. add permissions: chmod +x unsplashubuntu.py
  9. Run the program: ./unsplashubuntu.py
  10. (optional) Add the program on startup by going into launcher->startup applications




  1. Lightweight process
  2. Supports multiple monitors
  3. Intelligent, checks for network before attempting


  1. Add topics filtering
  2. Multiple platform support, move to electron?

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